50 Genius Blanket Storage for Small Spaces

Nowadays, blankets have become a necessity and part of home decor. It is not only to keep warm but also can be a decorative item. Therefore, blankets are placed in the living room, entryway, reading nook, and more. To make your room look aesthetically pleasing and neat, you need storage ideas for your blankets. The proper and genius storage is what you need. It means that your blanket storage must be able to save space and not take away the beauty of your space. If you are looking for some genius blanket storage ideas for your small space, look no further. We have compiled a list of ideas to get you started. You can find tips on displaying your favorite blankets and upcycling your old cabinets.

50 genius blanket storage for small spaces1

If you’re looking to declutter your blanket, but you don’t want to invest in new furniture, consider upcycling an old cabinet. Another smart storage choice is a wicker storage table. It looks cool no matter how you use it, and it’s a great place to stash blankets when they’re not in use. The simplest and most elegant way to store blankets is by hanging them on a wall-mounted coat rack. This not only makes the area look tidy, but it can also be a nice accent to a dull wall. From a vintage trunk to a simple wicker end table, there are plenty of options that don’t cost a fortune. For simple blanket storage, you can use a ladder to store your blanket in your living room. Moreover, storage ottomans are an excellent way to keep blankets in a neat, out of the way place. And for another blanket storage idea, here are some ideas.

Blanket Storage Coffee Table from contemporist


DIY Throw Blanket Ladder Storage from contemporist


Leather Ottoman Blanket Storage from contemporist


Rolling Basket Blanket Storage from contemporist


High Basket Blanket Storage from contemporist


Iron Basket Blanket with Handles from contemporist


Linen Fabric Basket Blanket Storage from contemporist


Standing Iron Rack for Blanket Display from contemporist


Built-in Blanket Storage Side Table from contemporist


Multifunction Side Table with Storage from contemporist


Wire Blanket Basket On a Budget from craftsyhacks


Standing Cabinet for Blanket Storage from craftsyhacks


Rattan Wicker Basket Storage from craftsyhacks


DIY Wooden Ladder Blanket Storage from craftsyhacks


Ladder Blanket Display at the Corner from craftsyhacks

Blanket chest

Blanket Chest Storage from craftsyhacks

Blanket wall rack

Blanket Wall Rack Storage from craftsyhacks

Copper quilt stand

Copper Quilt Stand Blanket Storage from craftsyhacks

Diy wall rack

DIY Wall Mounted Rack Blanket from craftsyhacks

Geometric blanket basket

Geometric Blanket Basket from craftsyhacks

Hollow wicker coffee table

Hollow Wicker Coffee Table with Blanket Storage from craftsyhacks

Industrial basket table with handles

Industrial Basket Table with Handles from craftsyhacks

Magazine holders

Magazine Holders for Blanket Display from craftsyhacks

Magazine rack

Rattan Magazine Rack Blanket Storage from craftsyhacks

Monochromatic blanket basket

Monochromatic Blanket Basket from craftsyhacks

Old barrel basket

Old Barrel Basket Blanket Ideas from craftsyhacks

Rose gold ladder storage

Rose Gold Ladder Storage from craftsyhacks

Rustic blanket crate

Rustic Blanket Crate from craftsyhacks

Scandinavian-inspired blanket basket

Scandinavian Blanket Storage from craftsyhacks

Wire basket coffee table

Built-in Wire Basket Coffee Table from craftsyhacks


DIY Open Bench with Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily


Natural Wicker Basket from farmfoodfamily


Webbing Rope Blanket Basket from farmfoodfamily


DIY Gold Pipe Ladder from farmfoodfamily


Boho Style Blanket Storage Ideas from farmfoodfamily


Wicker Rattan Table with Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily


Natural Blanket Basket and Pillows from farmfoodfamily


Vertical Ladder Blanket Ideas from farmfoodfamily


Hanging Iron Blanket Rack from farmfoodfamily


Statement Blanket Storage Display from farmfoodfamily


Shabby Chic Cabinet Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily


DIY Wicker Rattan Basket Storage from farmfoodfamily


Portable Basket Blanket Holder from farmfoodfamily


Rustic Wood Ladder Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily


Color Block Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily


Wall Hook Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily


DIY Wicker Blanket Basket Ideas from farmfoodfamily


Chest Blanket Storage in the Living Room from farmfoodfamily


Scandinavian Basket for Blanket Storage from farmfoodfamily

Velvet hangers

Velvet Hangers for Blanket Display from farmfoodfamily

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