How To Decorate With Baskets

Wondering how to decorate with baskets? Here’s a creative idea to store all those baskets and decorate with them, too.

how to decorate with baskets

Raise your hand if you have baskets?

Oh, good.

Come sit by me and my basket collection.

Somewhere along the line, my baskets started multiplying and turning into generations of baskets. If I lined them up from end to end they might stretch from one side of Texas to another.

I’ve DIY’d baskets before.

I’ve made a wall organizer out of baskets before.

I’ve spray-painted numbers on them.

I’ve added plants to them and tucked books in them and filled them with towels and put them on top of cabinets and draped a throw over the side of them and placed them on a bookshelf and decorated with them in dozens of other ways.

But I’ve never.

Never ever.

Decorated with a basket…..

….like this.

how to decorate with baskets coat rack

How To Decorate With Baskets

Isn’t this the cutest idea?

I took baskets and added them to a wooden coat rack. It’s the perfect way to store baskets and decorate with them in plain sight.

Have you tried it before?

It all started (like most really good ideas do) when I saw an inspiration photo in a magazine. It was a collection of vintage baskets hung on a vintage coat rack. I loved it so much and wanted to recreate the look in the craft room with all my baskets.

The challenge is that I didn’t have a coat rack.

No worries.

I found this one.

how to decorate with baskets wooden coat rack

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I searched on Amazon and found this affordable wooden coat rack that was tall with just the right amount of pegs.

You can see the one I found here.

It came in a small box in individual pieces like this one and I put it together myself. It was so easy that I didn’t even need to look at the instructions.

(total aside: are you a look at the instructions type of person or a try-to put it together yourself without the instructions type of person?)


I avoid instructions at all cost unless absolutely necessary.

Remember? I’m a Venn diagram married to a spreadsheet.

wooden coat rack for baskets

peg on wooden coat rack

After I put it all together, the coat rack looked like this. You probably even have a coat rack like this in a closet or in the attic or garage.

I put it in the corner of the craft room and added a few baskets to it.

Then I loved the look so much that I added a few more.

And now?

how to decorate with baskets on coat rack

It looks like this.

All the baskets are organized and in one place. I love organizing anything where you can see it, so you know exactly what you have when you want to use something. It’s inspired me so much that I’m going to look for a few more baskets at yard sales this spring and summer to add to my basket collection.

Because you know that’s exactly what I need around here.

A few more baskets. 🙂

PS If you need a little more organizing inspiration?

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