How to Mix Textures Like a Street Style Pro

Wearing bold colors isnt the only way to amp up your look. You can make a street style-worthy outfit by mixing textures. Its an easy and effortless way of spicing up your look without having to sport crazy silhouettes or loud tonesespecially if youre a neutrals gal at heart Minimalists and maximalists alike, this trend can work for anyone.

Of all the fashion trends Ive tried, this one is definitely one of the easiest to incorporate into your pre-existing wardrobe. No need to buy anything new (but go on with your bad self, if you please). Im just saying, you could transform a classic all-black outfit into something more elevated by sporting leather pants, a sherpa sweater and a wool coat over topvoila! An interesting take on an otherwise tired outfit.

With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to try out this trend and layer on pieces. Of course, I had to come through with a lookbook of my own, in which I mix textures for your sartorial pleasure.

When I was styling these looks, I found that my MO was to start with one statement piece, and then find other coordinating pieces of different textures. And that was it. Truly, I barely had to rack my brain for ideas on how to make this trend workit really is just that easy. Its a one-and-done trend that you can take advantage ofno matter what you do for work, where youre headed or what your personal style entails.

If you want to see how I did, scroll through for all the mixed textures outfits I put together.

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Jacket: Lulus | Jeans: Adika | Turtleneck: Adika | Boots: Adika | Hat: writers own | Bag: writers own

Lets start off simple. The sweater-and-jeans combo is an outfit that Ive worn many a time, so it wasnt any different than what Id toss on for a typical day of work. The only thing that really add the spice, as I call it, was this sheer jacket that I threw on top. While its totally not going to keep me warm, it definitely works for fashion purposes. It makes my outfit look more elevated than just a typical turtleneck and jeans. And can we just take a moment to appreciate these boots?!

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Jacket: Heartloom | Sweater: Heartloom | Pants: Adika | Boots: Lulus | Hat: writers own

Of all the looks I shot for this story, theres no doubt that this one was my absolute favorite. This coat was lined with sherpa, so on this frigid winter day, I was warm AF. Instead of pairing this top and jacket with a boring pair of pants, I went for a pair of slick faux leather pants. The texture adds something special, wouldnt you agree?

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Jacket: Lulus | Dress: Lulus | Boots: Missguided | Hat: Lack of Color

While the material on the jacket and dress are almost the same, this jacket has a bit of a snake texture when you look up close, which I think was pretty unexpected and cool. To top this off, THESE BOOTS!! I always love a good pair of over-the-knee boots. So when I stumbled on this pair from Missguided, I knew they needed to be in my closet. They are great because the suede adds some cool texture to this look, but theyre not too crazy or eye-catching if youre not trying to draw attention to yourself.

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Leggings: Lulus | Blazer: Missguided | Boots: Missguided | Hat: Lack of Color

Now I was starting to feel even more confident with this whole mixing textures with fashion thing, so a blazer with no top underneath, leather leggings and the same badass boots made this outfit into a LEWK, yall. The leather leggings have truly been a staple in my closet since the day I picked them up, but this blazer also deserves an honorable mention.

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Jacket: Lulus | Top: Lulus | Boots: Lulus | Hat: writers own | Pants: Lulus

Anyone who says they cant pull off this trend, please save this photo to your phone and refer back to it when youre getting dressed. Theres no reason that you cant toss on a cool pair of pants with some texture, a plain leather top and a warm wool jacket. Girl, that IS mixing textures! See, I told you it was that simple!

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Duster: Lulus | Tee: Lulus | Jeans: Lulus | Boots: Lulus

This time of year, mixing textures is easier than EVER because SEQUINS!! The holiday season is truly the best time to bring out any sequin piece thats been sitting in your closet. Here, you can see that pulling off sequins isnt hard. I mean, the tee and jeans is a look that I wear almost daily, so its really as simple as tossing on a sequin duster to add MAJOR spice.

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Top: Lulus | Blazer: Lulus | Pants: Lulus |Boots: Lulus | Hat: writers own

Calling all business babes! This ones for you. If youve ever thought keeping your look professional meant it had to be boring, heres proof that youre straight-up wrong. Leather pants are absolutely office-appropriate when you have a pair like this that doesnt hug too tight and show off all your curves (save that for after 5 p.m.). A textured top and a fun blazer are all you need to top off these pants and make an easy (and CEO-approved) outfit.

STYLECASTER | Mixing Textures Fashion

Dress: Lulus | Leggings: Lulus | Boots: Lulus | Hat: writers own

Its winter, yall, meaning Im not leaving the house if Im not comfortable. Like I said, these leather leggings are an absolute must-have since theylook stylish and trendy but feel like a second skin. The fact that you can easily wear these as pants with a little tunic or dress over top means getting dressed can be simple again. Hallelujah.