How To Prepare for Multi-day Fishing? Necessary List of Things and Useful Instructions

Until now, you have only fished during the day in the nearby river, and finally, you decided to take fishing more seriously. If there is a desire to go on a “male expedition” over a long distance, then why not! Such a trip will be an excellent test of skill. How to prepare for a long fishing trip? What to take with you and what to remember?

1. Check fishing conditions

Before leaving, it is advisable to at least briefly familiarize yourself with the new craft. You can enter the name of the body of water into a search resource or a fishing portal – perhaps there will be information about the dominant fish species and the physical conditions of the place (depth, surrounding area). The terrain is important – you need to know whether it will be possible to score support or set up a fishing rack. Multi-day fishing trips also require camping. On the photos, or on the map, you can find a convenient place to camp before you go hiking. If you do not want to leave your car in the middle of nowhere or a few kilometers from the fishery, you should check the conditions of travel and parking.

2. Don’t let the weather catch you by surprise

In the hot summer season, you want to pack only short shorts and flip-flops? In no case should you underestimate the weather, especially if the trip is on a long route! First you need to check the forecasts on the Internet – perhaps a change in weather is predicted in the targeted settlement. Longer fishing trips require a variety of clothing:

  • light trousers and a T-shirt for hot days;
  • waterproof coat for rain;
  • a sports windbreaker and a warm sweater for chilly evenings.


Remember that fishing will take place at different times, and there will be mosquito attacks, so even in warm summers, it is necessary to pack a flannel shirt and long trousers. In addition to clothing, you must:

  • blanket;
  • sleeping bag;
  • outdoor gear;
  • large umbrella – if you do not prepare for rain and cold, then you can return from a fishing expedition with an infection, and not with a trophy.


Well, if you don’t want to treat yourself for sunburn, you definitely need sunscreen and a baseball cap.

3. Pack everything you need and more

A few days before departure, you need to make a list of things. The article does not mention such obvious items as a tent or a fishing rod, however, forgetful people should include them in the list.

Required list:

  • food;
  • fishing gear;
  • survival supplies.


Enter in the list everything you need for a multi-day vacation. Even if there are shops near the body of water, it is worth packing a lot of food.

During a multi-day fishing trip, literally, anything can happen, so it’s worth taking spare equipment with you – reels, hooks, floats, leashes, beacons, etc. Be aware of accessories such as: fishing stands, chair, backpack, landing net, fishing nets. Estimate how much gear you need and pack more in case something breaks.

When preparing for fishing, you need to keep both gadgets and survival items in mind. Therefore, take with you on a trip:

  • torch;
  • powerbank;
  • multifunctional pocket knife;
  • strong rope;
  • axe


And finally, I would like to remind you that people with chronic diseases, such as allergies, cannot do without medicines in nature. However, even a healthy person should not forget about the banal painkiller.

Important advice

A professional fisherman is distinguished from an amateur by composure and readiness for any surprises. Starting a fishing practice, you should take care of other necessary things. A real fisherman should have a knife in his equipment. This is a very necessary item that will be needed more than once. You can give preference to a quality pen year, which does not take up much space, but is always ready to work. Also, the fisherman should have a flashlight on hand. Well, if it’s not too bright headlamp. Often, fishing is done at night, and such a flashlight allows you to free both hands. And, of course, the fisherman should always have a remedy for blood-sucking insects. Often these little vampires can turn fishing into hellish torture.

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