Podcast, Episode 122: designer Tom Scheerer

Interior designer Tom Scheerer joins the podcast to talk about his new book More Decorating from Vendome PressThis week, New York based designer Tom Scheerer joins the show to talk his new book, More Decorating. We also discuss incorporating more light and air into design, areas that we are okay to splurge and save, and why showering with your plants may not be the worst idea yet.

Cover of Tom Scheerer's second book More Decorating

Toms book More Decorating by Vendome Press;

What Youll Hear on This Episode:

  • More about Toms books, More Decorating, which came out in September of 2019, and Tom Scheerer Decorates, 2013.
  • Toms six properties, and why each of them are special to him in their different ways.
  • How Tom gets a strong picture in his mind early on when taking on a new project.
  • Situations where Tom used found objects and works of art already existing inside the clients home.
  • We pick Toms brain on using big sconces, headboards, and matching dressers to the wall art.
  • Tom explains his own stylistic choices for his first New York apartment, and how it has differed from his other homes.
  • How Tom picks inexpensive items, including IKEA chairs, and where he prefers to work with objects that are fine and stand the test of time.
  • Why Tom loves using tulip tables, and some ways they can elevate a space to give it a sturdy softness.
  • The use of bold color in Toms Paris apartment, and ways that we can both use bold colors and have neutrals and beige work for us.
  • Toms getaway Bahamian home that was featured in such publications as Architectural Digest
Manhattan apartment designed by Tom Scheerer in tone-on-tone whites Tropical living room with paper shade framed on wall designed by Tom Scheerer Country house with green and woven materials designed by Tom Scheerer Tom's Manhattan apartment with beige and greens

Decorating Dilemma

Hi Caroline, Karen, and Taryn,

Love the podcast and you girls! first of all, Im a little behind on episodes because I have a new baby, and I was thinking of Taryns son and hoping he is doing okay.

Ive painted my cupboards and backsplash and updated the hardware and hinges (do not recommend!) but its finally time to renovate my kitchen. We are not really neat enough to be open concept people so I plan to get rid of the island and move the fridge to the front hallway (coat closet will move to the back side of that). My question is mainly, what would you do with this window? It overlooks a sunroom that we use all the time but its not insulated. My current plan is to have open shelves and utensil/pot rack and just run them in front of the window and continue it over the counters and stove areas. The window doesnt let in much light. Do you have any better ideas to make the window seem less odd? Though I do use it to see my daughter out at the pool/in the backyard.

Thanks again for the amazing podcast, I just love it and you three so much! I also know Karen will want me to paint my handrailIm trying to talk my husband into letting memy fault because I built it years before discovering the podcast!


We like what you have going on, and feel that it may be nice to forego the upper cabinets, and instead make it a feature wall. We like the idea of tiling the wall all the way to the ceiling. Think about using a bamboo window shade, and have it rest just below the window. Tom suggests that getting some light closer to the link would brighten up the room quite a bit, possibly two library lights may work. Also check out some LED panels that give the illusion of sunlight, and can also make the room much brighter and give it an uplifted feel. As far as the window, we wouldnt cover it up because we like it as a focal point!


Hi Ladies!!

I LOVE the podcast. I listen all the time and it inspires me so much.

I just moved in to a new apartment and have a staircase for the first time! It has two large scale shelves/surfaces that initially became a gathering place for all of the things that didnt have a place and now Im stuck. I cannot figure out how to style these. I can see the top shelf from my office so I want to make it less cluttered and more pleasing to look at, but the slanted ceiling makes it hard to figure out what to put there. I want to bring in some larger scale pieces.

It is a rental so the paint has to stay the same and the lighting fixture as well but any styling ideas would be so welcomed!


We love seeing how yall make your rentals cool, and looks way better than the rental containers that we felt we were living in! Pick two of your favorite things, such as pieces of driftwood or maybe a couple stacks of books meaningful to you. When you stack them horizontally, it will both create a nice space and give the eye a point to look at. Tom suggests doing some research on all the things you can do with a staple gun and stair runner.a

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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