Preparing Your Home For The Holidays

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The holidays can be a chaotic time for your home, with decorating, hosting, preparing meals, and enjoying festivities. It can be hard to get your home organized and keep it organized during this time. If youre in need of some last-minute tips and tricks to keep your home organized for the holidays, we can help!

Keeping A Clean Kitchen

Lets start with one of the hardest places to keep organized: the kitchen. During the holidays, your kitchen is almost always in use as a place to prep meals, share snacks, or gather together. One of the best ways to keep your kitchen clean is to prepare in advance everything youll need. This helps avoid clutter and unnecessary dishes or cooking utensils being used. You can also rope friends and family into helping theres nothing wrong with asking for help doing the dishes! Especially if youve already prepared a full meal for everyone.

Creating A Cozy Guest Room

Do you host for the holidays? Finding space for everyone can be a challenge. Youve probably already planned out sleeping places and set up guest bedrooms, but if not, theres still time! A quick way to make a guest bedroom cozier is to ensure that all miscellaneous clutter is removed. If your guest bedroom is an office during the off-seasons, ensure that you dont have files or boxes lying around.

For guests relegated to the couch, it can make a huge difference if you simply provide them with extra pillows and blankets. Its also smart to consider light and noise issues that could prevent them from getting a good nights rest. Do you have electronics that display bright lights? Do your living room windows let in lots of light? Can you hear cars or footsteps more clearly? It can help to provide guests with earplugs and sleeping masks in advance, just in case.

Shared Areas

Shared areas, like your living room, are typically the center of attention: Christmas tree, decorations, and the place where everyone inevitably gathers. Try placing a few select board games for family fun and books for more introverted guests to enjoy. To level up your living room game in 2020, consider a custom entertainment center! A custom entertainment center provides the stage for your media system and everything else you need like books, board games, and more. A custom-built media center from Closet & Storage Concepts will also neatly conceal wires, making your living room looked polished.


Your homes entryway is its first impression, so having a neat entryway is important for impressing guests! Make sure to de-clutter on the day your guests arrive. Its also a great idea to incorporate extra storage for your guests shoes, coats, and outerwear. A built-in system is ideal, but a coat rack and cubbies or a rack for shoes will do well in a pinch.

Prepare For 2020 With Closet & Storage Concepts!

With help from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, your home will wow guests and look beautifully organized. We can help with custom closets, entertainment centers, kitchen pantries, and more just reach out to our team to learn how we can help you! Contact us online, give us a call, or visit us at our showroom in Franklin, MA.