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Portable Coat Rack DIY

Hello friends, and Happy Wednesday! We’re at the halfway point of the week and I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive as it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada. I’m looking forward to spending time with family, being thankful, and enjoying each other’s company. Last week I shared our front entry refresh and as promised, today I want to share this really cool portable coat rack hubby made for me. The materials are inexpensive, it’s easy to make, and being lightweight allows me to move it to different parts of the entryway with ease. It also serves as the perfect place to hang Brody’s leash which hubby loves. Why? Because when I’d return from taking Brody for a walk, I had a bad...

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Seven Steps to An Organized Closet

  When preparing for an organized closet, the goal is to come up with a system that will allow you to maintain it with minimal effort, while maximizing your space, time, and wardrobe. And remember that the closet works in conjunction with other storage spaces as well — you’ll want to also cull through clothing in your dresser(s) during this process, as well as any other clothing stored under the bed or elsewhere in your home.   Do the laundry. This might sound like a strange place to start, but make sure that any dirty clothing is laundered before you begin the process so you can see everything you have. Once all your clothing is rounded up, start sorting. Pull out everything...

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