The Best Entryway Benches With Built-In Shoe Storage

The entryway is a very eclectic space. There are no two entryways alike and there’s a lot you can do to personalize this little area. It’s the first piece of your home that guests get to see when they visit and the last space you see every time you leave the house.

Entryway Benche

As a general rule, even though a lot of things may differ from case to case, each entryway includes some sort of storage. More often than not it comes in the form of a bench with built-in shoe storage.

How to choose an entryway bench

How to choose an entryway bench

Once a decision has been made to add a bench to the entryway, the more difficult task of actually choosing the bench begins. The choice can be based on a variety of different factors and can be influenced by personal taste quite a lot. Here are some of the elements to consider:

There are many different types of benches

Before anything else, identify the type of bench that you’re looking for. Some are better suited for specific spaces. For example, there are benches which can be used in combination with tables to create seating and dining setups. There are also other benches which are best suited for bedrooms and other cozy spaces. These are usually upholstered and can sometimes include storage. That also brings us to storage benches which are quite versatile. For the entryway you can pretty much choose any type of bench as long as it suits your needs and style.

Size matters

Obviously, you want your entryway bench to fit nicely into the space but also to be comfortable and practical at the same time. Before you decide on a design, measure the area where you want your bench to sit. Decide what the maximum length would be best for it and also pay attention to any restrictions regarding the height or width in case you have a small space.

Material options

Benches, like all other furniture pieces, can be made from a variety of different materials. Look around for inspiration and try to match the entryway bench to the existing décor of your home so you can then select a material that fits the theme. There are many different types of wood to choose from as well as other materials such as bamboo which is very lightweight. Some entryway benches can also have metal structure which makes extra sturdy and durable. Don;t forget about the upholstery in case you want such a bench.

Built-in shoe racks

Some entryway benches have built-in shoe racks which are very practical, especially if you don’t have additional storage options for the shoes. This gives you the option to quickly and easily store a few pairs underneath the seat of the bench.

Additional storage features

Some benches designed to fit in the entryway can also offer some sort of storage for things like coats, bags and other accessories. These are usually hybrid pieces, combinations between a coat rack and a bench, sometimes also with storage for shoes as well. They’re excellent for small spaces.

Hidden storage

There are also benches which offer other forms of storage. For example, some have a hinged top or a lid which can be lifted to reveal a secret storage compartment inside of the bench. This is where you can keep things like extra bags, hats, maybe a few pairs of shoes or some sports equipment for example.

Other forms of storage

If you want an entryway bench that has built-in storage but you don’t want it to be specifically designed for shoes or coats or anything like that, look for models with shelves, cubbies or drawers. These let you adapt the storage modules to your needs. You can also add baskets to a bench and use them to organize various small accessories and items.

There are a lot of different ways to go around this. An entryway bench is usual proportioned in such a way that it’s practical and comfortable without taking up too much space. Of course, you can definitely turn it into a focal point for the entryway if you wish so.

How to decorate an entryway hall

There’s a whole range of different styles to choose from when it comes to entryway benches. Usually a simple design is prefered, one that makes the space look welcoming and comfortable without cluttering it too much.

An entryway bench shouldn’t be in the way. However, it does need to be noticeable so it actually has an impact on the design and decor of the space. This balance can be achieved in numerous different ways.

Top 10 Best Entryway Benches Available on The Market

Theorizing about what an entryway bench with shoe storage should include and how it should look like can take all day and doesn’t really give results unless you also put it all in practice and eventually start looking at some examples. Knowing what’s available helps you restructure your priorities. With that in mind, we’re pretty excited to share with you our own set of 10 favorite benches that you can actually buy right now.

1.SONGMICS Black Shoe Rack Bench

SONGMICS Black Shoe Rack Bench

Let’s start with a simple and versatile bench. This one has a robust design and is made of bamboo. It’s strong and durable and it can hold an impressive 264 lbs (120 kg). It features a sturdy top/ seat with horizontal boards and two open shelves underneath which by contrast feature a vertical board pattern. 

Holds Up to 264 Lb
Black Shoe Rack Bench
Black Shoe Rack Bench

Each shelf can hold up to four pairs of shoes which makes the bench very practical and suitable for family homes. 

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2. Storage Chest Footrest Padded Seat

Storage Chest Footrest Padded Seat

Although it’s not advertised as an entryway bench specifically, this would actually fit perfectly in there. It’s small and compact and it has a hidden storage area underneath the padded seat. It’s comfortable, elegant and great for small spaces plus if you ever want to reinvent your home you can bring it in the living room or the bedroom and it would still fit nicely.

43 Inches Folding Storage Ottoman Bench
43 Inches Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

Extra large volume of 120 liters is sufficient to meet various needs

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3. Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench with Cushion

Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench with Cushion

This really is an entryway bench. It has a soft and comfortable seat with a cushion attached to the surface with velcro strips. It features 10 storage cubbies, four larger ones on the sides and six smaller ones in the middle so you can store all your favorite pairs of shoes and even organize by size, season or color.

Adjustable Shelves
Cabinet Storage Bench with Cushion
Cabinet Storage Bench with Cushion

The bench has a sturdy and durable construction and measures 40.9”L x 11.8”W x 18.9”H in total. 

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4. Prepac Shoe Cubbie Bench

Prepac Shoe Cubbie Bench

This entryway bench measures 48″W x 24″H x 16″D which actually makes it super versatile and great for small spaces. A distinctive characteristic is the presence of 18 little storage cubbies, each able to hold a single pair of shoes. Each cubby measures 6.75″W x 5.5″H x 13.75″D and they’re all identical in shape and size. 

Espresso laminate
Prepac ESS-4824 Shoe Cubbie Bench
Prepac ESS-4824 Shoe Cubbie Bench

The bench is made of wood and sturdy MDF with an elegant espresso finish. 

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5. Hombazaar 3-in-1 Entryway Coat Shoe Rack

Hombazaar 3-in-1 Entryway Coat Shoe Rack

Here’s another great entryway bench that’s perfect for small spaces. It’s actually more than just a bench and it includes more than just your typical shoe storage shelves. It’s small and compact and it has a built-in coat rack. It’s stylish and has a distinctive design with a rustic-industrial allure. It looks slender and lightweight but it’s also very sturdy and strong, able to hold up to 265 lb (120 kg). 

Hombazaar 3-in-1 Entryway Coat Shoe Rack
Hombazaar 3-in-1 Entryway Coat Shoe Rack

It is carefully crafted to fit all spaces, whether it’s a entryway, hall, foyer

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6. Solid Wood Storage Bench Entryway with Lift Top

Solid Wood Storage Bench Entryway with Lift Top

In case you want an entryway bench with a more traditional design, check out Tribesigns model. It’s elegant and features beautiful handcrafted details which give it lots of character. It has a leather-upholstered seat and a strong and durable frame made out of solid wood.

Tufted Leather
Solid Wood Storage Bench Entryway with Lift Top
Solid Wood Storage Bench Entryway with Lift Top

There's are two open shelves underneath which can hold three pairs of shoes each.

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7. Two Shelves Storage Bench with Faux Leather Top Bed Bench

Two Shelves Storage Bench with Faux Leather Top Bed Bench

The Finnhomy entryway bench has the perfect height to sit on as you change your shoes. It has a padded seat that’s comfortable and covered in faux leather and two shelves underneath which are perfect to store shoes on and keep them close at hand yet out of the way. The design is simple and versatile and the frame is strong and sturdy and can hold up to 400 lb or 180 kg which is quite impressive.

leather top
Entryway Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat
Entryway Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat

Perfect height to sit on and change your shoes

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8. Shoe Rack Entryway Storage with three shelves

Shoe Rack Entryway Storage with three shelves

This bench is also special and part of the reason has to do with its design. Also, it has not two but three storage shelves for shoes, the one at the top being quite narrow and only suitable for certain types of shoes. The frame is made of wood and features ornate supports and the top is upholstered and very comfortable to sit on. The corners are round and smooth and the colors are neutral and versatile.

tufted design
Shoe Storage Bench
Shoe Storage Bench

Suitable for living in the living room, bedroom, corridor

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9. Fabric Upholstered Storage Entryway Bench

Fabric Upholstered Storage Entryway Bench

The CXLO entryway bench is pretty cool. It features a traditional design with carved details in its solid wood frame and golden accents. It has two open shelves perfect for storing and organizing shoes but it also has a secret storage compartment underneath the padded seat. The high-quality hinge gives easy access to the compartment which you can lock in an open position for easy cleanup.

green leather
Fabric Upholstered Storage Entryway Bench
Fabric Upholstered Storage Entryway Bench

Also, the seat is dark green which adds a quirky touch to the design as a whole.

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10. TVOVT Shoe Storage with Drawers

TVOVT Shoe Storage with Drawers

Here’s yet another very elegant entryway bench with shoe storage. Its overall dimensions are 60 x 80 x 120 cm and it’s quite slender and low-profile. the design is stylish and includes a few distinctive details such as the light blue padded seat and the beautiful pulls on the three storage drawers which are great for things like gloves, scarves and other accessories. There’s also a shelf at the bottom for storing shoes.

space saving
Ottoman storage bench
Ottoman storage bench

Stylish and multi-use design for sitting, resting your feet or legs and having fun

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DIY Bench Design Projects If You Love To Build

Headboard turned into a bench

There’s definitely a lot of beautiful and interesting entryway benches to choose from in stores but even more interesting and unique designs that you could be creating yourself. A particularly cool idea is to include repurposed items into your designs. This beautiful bench from jenandjercook for instance makes use of an old wooden headboard.

A bench and coat and shoe rack combo

The entryway bench can either be a freestanding module or it can be integrated into a more of a multipurpose sort of design like the one featured on honeybearlane for example. The bench is just one part of this unit. It also has a shoe storage area below the bench, a coat rack with hooks and also some open cubbies for additional storage or for displaying a few things in.

Extra long bench with built-in shoe storage

Extra long bench with built-in shoe storage

A nice thing about building your own entryway bench from scratch is that you can make it as big or as small as you want, depending on your needs. If you want it to include lots of storage for shoes, then check out this nice design from jaimecostiglio. It’s quite simple and practical and it also has plenty of character.

A cute bench for small spaces

Another nice detail about homemade benches is that you can customize them in all sorts of different ways. Take this small and adorable entryway bench featured on darlingdoodlesdesign for example. It’s nice and compact but it has a surprising amount of built-in storage for shoes and a few other things plus it’s been created specifically for this little nook by the staircase. The railing acts as a backrest for the bench which is a nice detail.

Minimalist bench/ mini console table

Entryway benches are in a lot of cases considered multipurpose because you can use them not just for seating but also for storage or display purposes. This particular bench design from remodelaholic doesn’t have a cushion on top which allows it to naturally double as a sort of mini console table. You can still sit on it but you can also use the top as a display area or for storage.

A modular cardboard unit

Super Space Saving DIY Shoe Rack

On the topic of homemade entryway furniture and accessories, check out this ingenious project from apieceofrainbow. This is a customizable shoe storage unit which you can make out of cardboard. It’s formed of these triangular modules which can each hold one or two shoes depending on size and shape. The edges are covered with tape for a clean and even look and for a little bit of color.

Entryway furniture made of crates

Wooden crates are incredibly practical and not just because you can use them for storage. They’re also excellent for making modular furniture like bookshelves or entryway benches and shoe racks. Just take a few crates and place them side by side or stack them and combine them however you see fit to create a structure that suits your needs and the space available. You can also add caster wheels to make the unit easier to move around. For more details and ideas check out livefromjulieshouse.

Industrial bench featuring metal pipes

Industrial-style entryway benches are easy to build and one of the reasons why is because you get to make use of metal pipes for the frame. These are super versatile and very practical when making furniture from scratch. Check out this cute bench design from twofeetfirst to get a better idea of how this works. The pipes and fittings form the legs and support structure and the top and bottom shelf are made of wood.

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