The sawhorse is one of those workshop must-haves that is prized for its versatility

A single sawhorse can be used to make cutting wood a whole lot easier, while a pair of sawhorses can serve as an instant workbench with the help of two 2x4s and a sheet of plywood. They can also be used as a scaffold or a drying rack.

Sawhorses used to be made exclusively of wood. The design back then was pretty basic, and all you needed to build one was some pieces of wood and power tools. But these days, hobbyists and woodworkers have a wide array of sawhorses made from different materials to choose from.

There are still sawhorses that are made of wood, but these are rare nowadays. Modern sawhorses are typically made of plastic or metal, and come with all sorts of features that are helpful for professionals and hobbyists alike.

We’re here to give you some pointers on how to find the best sawhorses online and talk about the features you should consider when looking for the perfect sawhorse for your home or work. We’ve also reviewed some of the best sawhorses you can find online to give you an idea of what works and what you should avoid. 
1. Toughbuilt Sawhorse Adjustable up to 4 x 4 Size Support Arms 1300 LB Capacity Support arms adjust for different size wood 1300 lb capacity each, 2600lb per pair ; 1 sawhorse included Material cutting and support pegs Adjustable height legs Powder coating and zinc-plated surfaces Check Price Below Buy on Amazon 2. Kreg KWS500 Track Horse Tool Sturdy steel and aluminum construction supports 2, 200 lbs. As a pair Versatile design works as a sawhorse, work support, clamping center, and more Portable for easy transport and compact storage Expandable by pairing with another track horse or mobile project center Equipped with a Kreg bench Clamp featuring Automaxx Check Price Below Buy on Amazon 3. Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Sawhorses – Set of 2 Heavy Duty Stands – Pre-Assembled ONE-HORSE RACE - Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a weekend DIY’er, you’ll appreciate Bora Portamate Sawhorse’s lightweight, compact design, durable all-steel construction, and foldable legs for easy storage. Our heavy duty saw horses are the ones that you can bet on to get any job done quickly and efficiently. SIZE MATTERS – Each sawhorse has a top that measures 39” x 3. 5” with a comfortable 33” work height, and a wide, stable 29” x 48” stance. Each sawhorse has a 500 lb maximum weight capacity and can support a total of 1, 000 lbs when both are used together. NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED - At Bora Portamate, we know that you’ve got enough on your plate already with your construction or home improvement projects. That’s why our sawhorses come pre-assembled and ready to use. Just open the box, unfold the legs, lock them into place, and you can get to work. RIDE BAREBACK OR NOT – The steel tops can be used, or you can quickly mount a 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” wood piece to using the convenient pre-drilled holes. Its rust-resistant powder coat provides a tough finish for an extended life. DON’T PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE – You know how the saying goes, but in this case, you can put the horse in your cart and buy with confidence. This Sawhorse set is backed by a 1-year to make your purchase worry-free. Check Price Below Buy on Amazon 4. WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks – WX065 Two (2) durable and lightweight sawhorses made of thermoplastic polymer material, designed to support up to 1,000 lbs. when used together Includes two (2) detachable bar clamps which attach vertically or horizontally to meet your project’s needs Foldable for take-anywhere convenience and convenient storage – shipped fully assembled Features a built-in shelf and cord hooks for storing tools, cords and other materials Folded depth of 2.5 inches with maximum clamping width of 18 inches Check Price Below Buy on Amazon 5. KASTFORCE KF3003 Folding Sawhorse Jobsite Table 1100lbs Capacity 2 Position Timber Holding 2 positions 2x4 support arms create a sturdy jobsite table 1100 lb /500kg capacity each, 2200lb/1000kg per pair 100% steel construction Material support legs Check Price Below Buy on Amazon 6. Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses, Heavy Duty Stand, 4 Sawbucks, 1200 Pound Capacity, Built-In Cord Hooks and Shelves, 2-Pack (115445M) Same tools. New name. Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT Leading capacity at 1, 200 lbs per pair Includes 2 sawhorses and 4 sawbucks Sawbucks designed to hold 2x4 flat on its side Built in shelf and cord hooks Check Price Below Buy on Amazon 7. TOMAX Folding Sawhorse Height Adjustable 440lb Weight Capacity Single Pack Heavy duty and high durability steel construction, can hold up to 440 lbs, tough powder coated steel finish, will be able to meet any work needs of you Height could be adjusted from 25 inch to 40 inch, suitable for different working status, meets all your work height demands Simplified light-weight construction and foldable design is perfect for convenient storage and easy transportation Non-slip rubber mat, create extra stability and support for all work place. Snap pin folding legs designed for easy storage, and complete stability when in use Quick Attach saw mounts allow you to easily mount your saw or other tools for fast setup and take down – hardware is included. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with durability and high quality of our product Check Price Below Buy on Amazon

1. Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse Pros: A pair of these high-capacity metal sawhorses can accommodate up to 2,600 lbs. The adjustable support arms can accommodate 2x4s and 4x4s. These adjustable sawhorses are compact. The legs can be folded inside the beam once you’re done. They have an all-metal construction. No flimsy plastic here that can topple anytime. The C700 sawhorses’ height is adjustable. The legs also come with pivoting feet. Cons: They are sold individually. They are heavier than your regular plastic sawhorses. Sebring Tip:
Creating a masterpiece can be easier with the Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse. This sawhorse is a good addition to your arsenal whether you’re a professional builder or a homeowner/hobbyist. Every part of this sawhorse was designed to be useful.

Let’s start with the beam. It has a plastic handle that allows you to carry it anywhere easily. The beam also has a gritty surface to ensure that whatever you’re working on will not slide off.

The support arms are adjustable and can handle 2x4s and 4x4s. Plus, the whole sawhorse is made of durable steel that is zinc-plated and powder coated for better protection from the elements and corrosion.

Keep in mind that this is sold individually and not in pairs like other sawhorses. The Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse is also pricier compared to plastic ones because of the material used, its design, and the different features it has.

2. Kreg KWS500 Track Horse Tool Pros: This metal sawhorse is very sturdy thanks to its all-metal construction. A pair of these Kreg Track Horses can hold up to 2,200 lbs. This folding sawhorse has a stable and strong base, as well as a clever height adjustment mechanism. It comes with a Kreg Bench Clamp to ensure that cutting a piece of 2×4 is easier and safer. It can be used as a regular sawhorse or as a work table. Cons: This sawhorse is pricey. The feet are too slim, and they sometimes wobble.  It is sold individually. Sebring Tip:
The Kreg KWS500 Track Horse Tool is one of those cleverly designed tools that will impress you once you pull it out of the box. Longevity is assured as this sawhorse’s track is made of anodized aluminum, while the legs and the base are made of steel.

The package includes one Kreg Track Horse, plus a Kreg 3″ Bench Clamp. You’ll also receive support brackets and track bushings.

What I like most about it is its versatility. You can use it as a regular sawhorse thanks to its track and support arms. You can also get another Kreg track horses and place a sheet of plywood on top to turn them into a work table.

This is one of the most expensive height-adjustable sawhorses on the list. The upside? It is also one of the most solid and sturdy, so it’s a good investment in the long run. 

3. Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Sawhorses Pros: These sawhorses are sold in pairs. The beam and the heavy-duty legs are made of durable steel. They are powder-coated for better corrosion resistance. The top of the beam is pre-drilled. You can put a sacrificial surface by drilling a piece of wood onto it to prevent damaging the beam’s surface when you use your saw. The legs are folded into the beam for easy storage. The sawhorses arrive fully assembled. Cons: The legs could be thicker. They look like they will tip over if you accidentally bump into them. Sebring Tip:
They might look so simple, but don’t underestimate these Bora Portamate PM-3300T Sawhorses. Every inch of the sawhorse is made of durable steel that can hold up to 500 lbs each. Planning to use them as a work table but worried that they won’t be able to hold the weight of the board and your power tools? Don’t fret as both sawhorses can accommodate as much as 1,000 lbs.

The tubular legs’ stance is wide enough to be stable, but they would be even better if they were thicker.

The designs of these sawhorses are very basic and straightforward. They are a bit more expensive than most sawhorses on the list, but they are sold in pairs so the price is reasonable.

4. WORX WX065 Clamping Sawhorse Pair Pros: These sawhorses come with strong bar clamps that allow you to clamp a piece of wood vertically or horizontally. Each sawhorse weighs 17 lbs. While they are a little bit heavier than sawhorses of similar design and material, rest assured that they are not flimsy. The sawhorses are made of heavy-duty ABS plastic. The bottom shelf and the cord hooks let you organize your power tools. Cons: These sawhorses are ideal for light and occasional projects only. Sebring Tip:
The WORX WX065 Clamping Sawhorses can be a good addition to your workshop or garage with their durable ABS plastic build and smart design. Weighing just 17 lbs each, they are compact and portable but not light enough that a gust of wind can knock them down.

The shelf at the bottom is built for your jigsaw, electric drill, and other power tools. The sawhorse has hooks at the sides to ensure that your power tools’ cord or air compressor’s hose are organized and out of your way while you’re working.

Storage is so easy. Just fold the workhorse’s legs together and have it lean on a wall in your garage when you’re done with your project.

5. KASTFORCE KF3003 Folding Sawhorses Pros: The supporting arms make it easier to cut 2x4s, as well as transform it from sawhorse to table in minutes. Setting up and using it is very easy thanks to its fast-open legs. The beam and the legs are made of heavy-duty steel. The surface is powder-coated and zinc-plated for better protection from corrosion. The legs have a wide and stable stance. The feet are wide and lend stability to the sawhorse.   Cons: The height of the sawhorse is not adjustable. It is sold individually and not in pairs. Sebring Tip:
Weighing just a little more than 14 lbs., the KASTFORCE KF3003 Folding Sawhorse is one of the most lightweight sawhorses on the list. If you’re looking for a sawhorse that you can use at home and take to your jobsite every day, then this is it.

The beam and the legs are made of heavy-duty steel that can support as much as 1,100 lbs each. A pair of these sawhorses can do the job whether you want to use them as a regular sawhorse or transform them into a work table.

This sawhorse is pricier than most because it is made of durable steel. Keep in mind that it is sold individually and you have to buy another, so that can add up to the total cost.

6. Metabo HPT 115445M Folding Sawhorses Pros: This package includes two sawhorses, along with four sawbucks. They are easy to store. Just fold the legs together and have them lean on the wall when you’re done with your project. Each sawhorse has a bottom shelf that helps stabilize it. You can also put your tools on the shelf while you’re working. They come with cord hooks at the side. These hooks allow you to loop the cord of your power tools and make sure that they’re out of the way. Cons: The sawhorses could use a wider stance to be more stable. Sebring Tip:
The Metabo HPT 115445M Folding Sawhorses do what needs to be done. The material doesn’t seem sturdy enough to hold up to 1,200 lbs as the manufacturer claims, but if you’re using them to hold a pair of 2x4s plus a sheet of plywood, then they will do.

One of their positive points is that they are one of the least inexpensive sawhorses on the list. If you’re looking for a pair of sawhorses you can use at home and you’re not planning on using them frequently, then these Metabo HPT sawhorses can be a good candidate.

Weighing just 11 lbs each, these sawhorses are lightweight and portable. Carry them from your garage to your back or front yard without breaking in a sweat. They’re also compact and easy to store. Just fold the legs together, and have them lean on a wall when you’re done.   

The Metabo HPT 115445M Folding Sawhorses arrives fully assembled, so there’s no need to screw parts together when you pull them out of the box. 

7. TOMAX Folding Sawhorse Pros: This is one tough sawhorse. It is made of durable steel with a powder-coated finish. The surface of the beam has a gritty surface to ensure that the wood you’re cutting or anything tool you put on it stays on. It can be transported easily thanks to its metal handle. It comes fully assembled, and is easy to store. The height can be easily adjusted from 25″ to 40″. Cons: It is pricier than other sawhorses with similar design. It is sold individually. It doesn’t have supporting arms for 2x4s. Sebring Tip:
The TOMAX Folding Sawhorse impresses right out of the box because of its solid all-metal construction. You don’t need to fear that it will be dented when you accidentally bang it on a hard surface or that it will topple over when a gust of wind passes by as it has a good and solid weight on it.

Storage is a breeze as the legs are folded and stored underneath the beam. It already comes fully assembled, so there’s no need to get your screwdriver out and spend several minutes assembling it.

It is quite pricey, but the price is justified since it is made of solid steel. What I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have support arms. You have to hold the piece of wood with your hand and foot to cut through a piece of 2×4. Apart from being tiring, this is also dangerous.
Sawhorse Basics
It doesn’t have legs and it can’t gallop, but the sawhorse can go a long way in the job site just like the trusty workhorses of yore.

Sawhorses have been around for centuries. Sawing a board or a plank is easier thanks to these handy tools. They can be found in many garages and job sites all over the world, and beloved by hobbyists, professional woodworkers, and builders alike.

The design of modern sawhorses is pretty simple and has not changed much for many years. It has a modified A-frame which consists of a beam, the legs, and sometimes, a leg brace or a shelf to keep it stable. 

Some have supporting arms at the sides.  In some sawhorses, the supporting arms can only accommodate 2x4s, while others can be adjusted to accommodate 4x4s.

The supporting arms make it easier to transform it from simple sawhorse to a work table. Just place a plank on both sides of the sawhorse, then place a sheet of plywood on top, and voila! You have an instant workbench. You can even use them as a scaffold if your sawhorses are made of heavy-duty material that can hold up a lot of weight.

Check out this video for helpful tips on how to use sawhorses safely.
How To Choose The Best Sawhorse Material
Sawhorses used to be made exclusively of wood. These days, however, it is rare to find wood sawhorses. They are durable and can hold up a variety of weights, but they are also heavy and it can be hard to find a space in your garage or workshop where you can store them.

Some of the sawhorses you’ll find on the market these days are made of plastic (particularly ABS plastic). They are lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for hobbyists and professional woodworkers. They can be used for light or occasional projects, such as cutting 2x4s and sawing plywood. A pair of plastic sawhorses can also be used as a drying rack.  

A lot of plastic sawhorses available on the market come with shelves at the bottom that also double as leg braces. They sometimes come with clamps and/or cord hooks at the sides. They are compact and easy to store. 

If you want something more durable and longer-lasting, then sawhorses made of metal are a good choice. These sawhorses are a favorite among professionals, as well as hobbyists who have regular woodworking projects.

The beams of metal sawhorses are commonly made of steel. The legs are also often made of steel, but some manufacturers use aluminum to make them more lightweight and portable. The surface of the sawhorse is powder and/or zinc-coated to prevent corrosion.
Sawhorses can support anywhere between 250 lbs and 1,300 lbs. As a general rule, the more weight your sawhorse can support, the better. This applies whether you’re a professional woodworker or a hobbyist (you never know when you’re going to work on a heavy piece of wood). Always check the weight capacity of the sawhorse before buying one.
The majority of sawhorses on the market already have a predetermined height that ranges from 25″ to 40″. Sawhorses with preset heights are fine for most users. But if you’re taller or shorter, or if you just want to customize the sawhorse’s height to be more comfortable, then choose a sawhorse with a height adjustment mechanism.
Overall Sawhorse Size and Weight
The beauty of sawhorses is that they are available in different sizes, weights, and configurations. Many are compact and easy to store, while others are more portable than most.

If you are after ease of storage and portability, then choose a metal sawhorse with legs that can be folded into the beam. It is easy to store just about anywhere in your workshop, and it is easily portable because the legs are kept inside the beam.

This configuration allows you to carry it from its storage area to your work area hassle-free. You can even put it in the bed of your pickup truck or the trunk of your car and still have space for your power tools and more. 
A stable pair of legs makes a big difference when it comes to working on a sawhorse. When choosing the best sawhorse, always check if the legs’ stance is good and if they are stable. You don’t want to cut a 2×4 on something that wobbles or something that is easily toppled by a gust of wind.  
Supporting Arms, Shelves, and Other Features
Modern sawhorses have a lot of new features that can make your job easier. Many sawhorses have supporting arms that can easily accommodate a piece of 2×4, while some have adjustable arms that can be expanded to accommodate a 4×4.

Other features you might want to look at including a bottom shelf where you can put your tools while working, clamps to keep your workpiece in position, and hooks to get your cords out of the way.

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We’ve come to the end of the review. But before we send you on your way to shop, let’s find out which sawhorse made the cut.

And the best sawhorse is… the Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse.

Right out of the box, the Toughbuilt C700 Sawhorse just impresses. It is heavy, but that’s exactly what I want in a sawhorse and not something so flimsy that it will fall over when you lightly bump into it. The beam is well-built, and every inch of it speaks of good craftsmanship.

I like the adjustable supporting that can easily support a 2×4 and a 4×4. The mechanism, which is located at the sides of the beam, is a breeze to adjust. Plus, it has another set of supporting arms at one side of the beam to make cutting a piece of wood hassle-free.

The height of this sawhorse can be adjusted using the mechanism located on the legs. The sawhorse allows for height adjustment up to six positions, so you can choose which one’s comfortable for you.

The legs are also solid and do not wobble even when you put something heavy on the sawhorse. Each leg comes with a leg brace that reinforces its stability.

Storage is not an issue. All you need to do is fold the legs into the beam and store it in a safe space in your garage or workshop.
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