There are a lot of variables to consider when designing an entryway but there are also a few constants, things like storage benches or coat racks which you can expect to find in any entryway regardless of size or style

Right now we’d like to focus on the entryway bench, more exactly to look at a few of the designs and ideas you could find inspiration in when building something yourself from scratch.

This entryway bench may not look like much when you first look at it but then you realize the top has a hinge and can be lifted up to reveal a secret and also generous storage area with several deep compartments. Check out hertoolbelt to find out how this was built.

This entryway bench also has some built-in storage under its seat but instead of a compact and blocky design like the one above it looks more lightweight and sleek. The slatted shelves at the bottom are great for storing and organizing shoes. Check out handmade-haven for details on this project.

Hidden storage can be a cool design touch but may not be as practical as open shelves or storage baskets. If you prefer the latter, check out this stylish entryway storage bench from justlifeandcoffee. It’s simple, easy to build and very convenient.

You can storage a lot of pairs of shoes inside this entryway bench thanks to the wooden crates that fit perfectly into the cubbies. You can design and build your own bench based on the type of storage containers that you want to use. This one right here was featured on jaimecostiglio.

You can make your entryway storage bench be practical by including lots of shelves and compartments in its design but that doesn’t mean you can’t also make it look pretty. Consider including some salvaged pieces in its design such as these ornate table legs featured on prettyhandygirl.

Wooden crates are an excellent resource when it comes to projects like this. You can take 2 or 3 crates and place them side by side with their bottom against the entryway wall. Secure them together, add a base and a top and this can be your new entryway bench. You can store shoes inside the crates and you can paint the wood to make it more eye-catching. You can find more details on operationhomeblog.

The storage crates can also go underneath the bench instead of being a part of the bench’s design. That means there’s less to worry about when designing and building the bench. You can make it super simple by following this tutorial shared on overthebigmoon.

Another idea is to integrate the entryway bench into a unit that also includes a coat rack. They can be connected by a back panel or a frame. This stylish bench from houseupdated has cubbies at the bottom with storage baskets in them and hooks with small extra shelves at the top.

Even if you place the entryway bench against the wall anyway, you can still give it a backrest as a way to make it look more like an actual standalone bench. That’s a nice idea if the bench is not part of an ensemble. This project from jenandjercook shows how you can repurpose an old headboard in this sense.


Build a long and narrow bench to emphasize a corridor-style entryway. Even if you find this layout to be impractical you can still make the most of it. To maintain flexibility, you can have two individual benches placed side by side. This way you could more easily reorganize the space if you ever want to. Check out 320sycamoreblog for more inspiration.

Make you entryway bench extra comfortable with an upholstered seat. You could make this section removable for easy cleaning or even give it a removable cover. Either way, we love the fact that this offers so many different possibilities for customization. Check out myfreys for details.

Here’s another example of an all-in-one entryway bench which has cubbies at the bottom, coat hooks and open shelves at the top. Since the shelves are so high up and not exactly accessible, you could use them as a display area for decorations rather than for storage. If you’re interested in the details, you can find this project on honeybearlane.


If you’d rather hide your shoes rather than put them on display, an entryway bench like the one featured on woodshopdiaries might be just what you need. It’s small and compact, with an elegant mini backrest that extends to the sides to create a frame around the seat.


A simple bench without a panel or any kind of coat rack at the top can sometimes be the more practical choice. For example, this entryway has a window and the space below is perfect for this cute bench. You can find out all about it on bobvila.

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