This Is The Easiest Way To Frost A Layered Cake

You did it! You baked abeautiful cake! The cake is baked perfectly and the only thing missing is the frosting.

If you're an advanced baker, you know how to prepare your cake already. Youknow that you need to coolyour cakes completely, outof the cake pans it was baked in, on a wire rack. Only after it is cooledcompletely (this means it's cool all the way throughthe center of the cake) can you start to frost it.

This waiting period may be the most trying time for beginner bakers. Manyfirst time bakers believe that they can make a layered cake and have it ready to serve withina few hours when, in fact, it may take longer than that. That's becausethese cake layers have to be cooled through and unless you have a blast freezer, you can't achieve the level of coolness fast enough toproperly frost a cake in a few hours. Evenafter you've frosted that first layer on your cake, it can take more time for that layer to harden in the refrigerator before you can apply the next and final layer. It's also advisable to chill your cake a little before serving so thefrosting has time to adhere and set before slicing.

Do youunderstand now how much time it can take tomake a proper layered cake?

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

We, however,have good news for all the impatient bakers and beginner bakers out there. You don't need to do all those steps just to make a proper layered cake. You can skip a step or two and theresulting cake will still be as pretty as you need it to be. The idea behind this is this: make a naked cake instead.

We think thenaked cake trend was first popularized byChristina Tosi of Milk Barback around2014 with Milk Bars Bday Cake. It washer version of the funfetti cake but what made it (and the rest of Milk Bar's cakes) so unique is the fact that the sides of all Milk Bar cakes are not frosted. That's just not something they do there!

This cake trend exploded with gorgeous naked cakes popping up at many celebrations, from fun, colorful birthday parties to elegant and posh wedding receptions. While it's not everyone's kind of cake, there is no denying that it's a cake that looks like anyone can do.

Photo by Milkbar Instagram account

We believe a naked cake is easy to make! What's even better is that if you know how to do the crumb coat, you already know how to make a naked cake! The only thing left to do is to decorate the top (and maybe the sides) and serve it.

What's fantastic about thiscake frosting style is the fact that you can focus on creating a delicious cake and frosting without worrying about your not-so-perfect decorating skills.

Ready to try this cake frosting style?

Here's how you frost a layered cake, naked cake style:

  1. 1 Bake, cool, and prepare your preferred cake layers as recipe directs.Remember to use a serrated knife to level the tops of your cakes.
  1. 2Make your preferred frosting.
  1. 3 Place a cake layer on a rotating cake stand. Add a dab of frosting on the cake stand if needed to keep the layer from sliding around.
  1. 4Add a layer of frosting and use a spatula or a spoon to even out the layer.
  1. 5Place another cake layer on top of the frosting andeven it out, too.
  1. 6Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all cake layersare frosted.
  1. 7Whisk this entire masterpiece away to the refrigerator tochill and harden.

Sounds easy? We think so and we think you will find it is easy! If you're wonderingwhat cakes you can make into a naked cake, try these fabulous cake recipes: