We were so inspired by the unique entries from the Cut-and-Sew Fat Quarter Giftables Design Challenge

Artists from around the world designed fabric panel projects to kick-start the creation of plushies, ornaments, masks and so much more. With all of your pattern pieces on one fat quarter of fabric, it’s easy to sew up creative presents or a little something for yourself. The Spoonflower team in both the US and German factories got a head start with their own holiday decorations and gifts with 14 of their favorites from the design challenge printed on Petal Signature Cotton.

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Gabrielle H. | Customer Service Team | US
Project: Bunny Hops Soft Book by amy_maccready

Little ones will love watching the bunny hop from page to page in this soft book. The project includes a small bunny plushie to sew up and bounce along with the story.

“My son Shepard loves playing with soft books like these. I added some crinkle paper to the inside layer of the bunny to make it even more of a sensory experience for a seven-month-old!”

Ace L. | Sewing Team | US
Project: Corgi Neck Pillow by forden

This corgi neck pillow will help you to relax and look cute while doing it! We love how Ace added a bit of faux fur to make the pup even more luxurious.

“My partner and their brother grew up with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Brian. Brian is beloved by the whole family and is now in his waning corgi years. It’s special to make some corgi neck pillows for the family this winter.”

Bri G. | Customer Service Team | US
Project: Dumpster Fire Plushie by marshmueller_illustration

Although I don’t think we’ll forget 2020 anytime soon, this commemorative pillow really puts a lighter spin on all we’ve collectively been through this year. Pair the plushie pillow with a handmade mask featuring Katie Haye’s Dumpster Fire to create a memorable gift set.

“I chose this design because it is hilarious. It will be a gift for my sister, who shares my sense of humor. I think she will love it.“

Kevin M. | Engineering Team | Germany
Project: Ruby and Pearl Hen Plushies by bigblackdogstudio

This pair of Japanese Bantam chickens will look great perched on your furniture, even if you aren’t able to have your own pack (or don’t want to pick up after them, Kevin!) Enjoy staying close to the coop? Bring your flock inside with this cut-and-sew project. 

“They won’t poop everywhere like real chickens!“

Frankie S. | Operations Team | US
Project: Watercolor Dino Plushies by escarlata

This colorful collection of prehistoric plushies are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages and are also the perfect size to be your pet’s best pal. 

“Since nearly everyone in my life has cats, I find myself making a lot of cat toys. With just a little batting and catnip, these tiny dinos make great little gifts for my cat-owning friends. My own cat will go nuts for it too!“

Jamie S. | Operations Team | US
Project: Bird Ornaments by anda

You’ll be able to sew and gift four ornaments with a fat quarter of Petal Signature Cotton. Tie one to a present with a ribbon to step up your gift wrapping game. We also love Jamie’s idea for an ornament exchange with loved ones!

“I have been collecting ornaments for our tree over the past six years and I don’t have any that are handmade! For this set, I made one for myself and I will give the other three as gifts to family and friends that have gifted me ornaments over the years to contribute to our unofficial annual ornament exchange.“

Kimmi K. | Operations Team | US
Project: Kittie Reindeer Plushie by gartmanstudio

This feline is definitely in the holiday spirit sporting a cable knit sweater and antlers! We love Kimmi’s extra festive touches with the addition of jingle bells.

“I got into cut-and-sew plushies through our donations to Project Mirabel and have always enjoyed putting them together. This little guy will probably join our abundance of Christmas decor–maybe guardian of the presents alongside our real kitty?“

Liz W. | Operations Team | US
Project: Mushroom Ornaments by tursiart

Honor these foraging favorites by hanging them as ornaments from your tree or use year round as garland, around door handles or on your coat rack! Liz’s hand stitching along with the quilt batting add an extra layer of dimension and fun. Mad for mushrooms? Find even more fabulous fungi designs in the Mushrooms Design Challenge.

“I just got married this spring, and while we have lived together for a long time, we’ve never had our own Christmas tree nor ornaments to decorate one. Now that we’re married, it really feels like we need some! I liked these cute mushrooms and they were so fun to embroider and fill with quilt batting.“

Maike T. | Customer Service Team | Germany
Project: Sleepytime Red Panda Plushie by slumbermonkey

This red panda plushie not only inspires sleep with its chill demeanor, but it comes with a matching sleep mask to fully encourage you into deep slumber! The artist also recommends adding a bit of lavender to fill your space with its calming scent.

“Red pandas are the best. There aren’t enough red panda plushies out there yet. I want to change this!”

Maria N. | Marketing Team | Germany
Project: Mix and Match Face Masks by hibba

Show your favorite people you really care with custom face masks. This cut-and-sew project on a fat quarter of Petal Signature Cotton will make two reversible masks with coordinating botanical designs.

“What a great gift for Christmas! Some cute masks for my family.”

Did you know: Spoonflower also offers a DIY mask kit that includes enough material to make two double-layer cotton masks. Shop our bestselling designs.

Meghan D. | Operations Team | US
Project: Pigeon Shoulder Bag/Plushie by selmacardoso

This cute pigeon can be sewn up and stuffed to make a classic plushie or add a zipper and strap to make a unique shoulder bag.

“I love this design and idea so much! It’s a more unique idea for a cut and sew and I think it will make an excellent gift for my friend’s kid. I love making plushies so this is the best of both worlds!”

Sally D. | Operations Team | US
Project: Pumpkin Plushie by kostolom3000

Pumpkins aren’t just for October—especially with a subtle color palette! We love the addition of cat ears, perfect for anyone who has a cat sewing assistant!

“I had never sewn anything outside of a hem! This pillow represents my daughter’s favorite fruit and matches the colors in her living room.”

Meredith F. | Marketing Team | US
Project: Rainbow Days Plushie Set by pippa_shaw

Personalize a plushie even further with your child’s name for a handmade photoshoot prop to commemorate big milestones!

“Every month I take a picture of my daughter Penelope on her rainbow cheater quilt designed by Pippa Shaw. When I saw a cut-and-sew plushie version of the rainbow, I knew it would be the perfect addition. For an added touch of personalization I embroidered Penelope’s name onto the pillow.”

Bonus DIY Project: See how to make a custom photo ornament for under $5

Nikki L. | Operations Team | US
Project: Baby Mushrooms by twigged

Mushrooms are definitely a trend this year and this bright take was originally conceived by the cut-and-sew artist as a crib mobile, but there are so many possibilities—including adding beadwork like Nikki.

“I love looking at mushrooms (but not eating them… yuck!), so these little baby mushrooms are perfect! These would make such cute ornaments for a mini tree or strung together as some garland for the mantle!”

Interested in designing your own cut-and-sew project? Get started with 7 tips from an expert!

From mushrooms to masks and rainbows to reindeers, there’s no shortage of fun handmade projects in the Marketplace for anyone on your list. Whether you’re making the complete project yourself, creating a DIY kit to kickstart someone’s next craft project or treating yourself to a new ornament, the possibilities are endless.

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