When you sew clothing, it can be important to have a dress form, depending on what type of garments you are making

Dress forms can be expensive, so when I saw this awesome DIY duct tape dress form video tutorial by Coolirpa, on YouTube, I had to try it, because I really wanted to make my sewing projects run more smoothly without a lot of cash outlay. This DIY dress form project is really a very easy concept, all you need are a few raw materials and a little patience, and anyone can make this awesome idea in no time.
Materials For The Duct Tape Dress Form: A large roll of duct tape A simple dress or long t-shirt to wear while you are making the dress form, (this item will become a part of the dress form, so make sure and wear an old one) Some saran wrap (to cover the neck area before you apply the duct tape there) Some newspaper (and fabric scraps) Some cardboard A Sharpie A pair of scissors A  long lamp base (or something like it, a free-standing coat rack could work) Directions:
In this awesome DIY duct tape dress form video tutorial by Coolirpa, on YouTube, you will learn to make this awesome mannequin idea in a few easy steps. You will begin by wrapping the duct tape around your dress or t-shirt, being cautious to use saran wrap underneath the neck wrapping area. When you have finished the duct tape wrapping, you will then cut the back open and step out of the form.
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Then, you will then tape the form back together and start stuffing it with newspaper and fabric scraps. The breast area can be enlarged using shoulder pads or some cutlet bra pads, as seen here. You can use the cardboard to seal the neck and skirt area, then place the form on a pole of some sort, (an old amp stand works well).
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This is a great little project and can be very useful in dressmaking.
DIY Duct Tape Dress Form
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