When your guests come in your entryway and didn’t see any storage system, then most likely this will ruin the impression on your entryways

That is why storage system such coat hanger is important to give a good impression to your guess.

There are many types of coat hanger that you can use in your entryways. For example, you can use a wooden coat hanger for a rustic touch, or modern coat hanger for eye-catchy furniture. Or if you have a small space then you can try a mounted coat hanger that is small and looks awesome on your interior touch.

Talking about coat hanger, we get some cool ideas that you can try and use it for your entryways. And without further ado let’s take a look at 5 Coat Hanger Ideas That Will Completed And Enhance The Look Of Your Entryways.
1 Finger Wall Mounted Coat Hanger
You can also have a fun and unique coat hanger, not only it will look unique but this hanger also will save your space because it will be mounted on your wall.
2 Sepia Hook Coat Rack
This coat rack or hanger to be precise, is design by e27 and is so amazing because you can make it flat to the wall when you didn’t use it and pull it up when you want to hang the coat.
3 Foldable Modern Coat Hanger
Look at the design at this coat hanger, it look futuristic and can easily catch the eye of your guess. Not only so, you can also fold the hanger when you didn’t use it, and make it looks as if it is part of your decorations.
4 Natural Wood Hanger
Even though it is mounted on the wall and made from wood, but this hanger is quite strong and firm. This hanger can hold up to 13.6 Kg. And with this hanger, you can save some space and add rustic touch for the entryways.
5 Tree Branch Coat Hanger Source
For those who love nature-theme furniture and decoration, then this tree branch coat hanger is the best idea for your coat hanger. Not only this will add a rustic touch to your entryways, this hanger also versatile and you can combine it with almost all home design.

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