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Masala Crusted Salmon

Indian food has always been known for its use of many spices in every dish. It is what makes our food stand out and has people coming back for more! As much as I enjoy my vegetarian curries, my creamy butter chicken dishes and spicy lamb dishes, I love spicy, seasoned up fish and shrimp dishes! For some reason, it makes me imagine a gorgeous island and beach-front area. Just a girl and her platter of spicy shrimp kebabs and grilled tandoori fish. (Or maybe I’m just so sick of being quarantined that I let my mind take me away to places more than I should!) Haha! Whatever the reason – I will say, seafood is absolutely a perfect option...

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A Better Box: DIY Projects from Samsung’s New Cardboard Packaging

Five years ago, Samsung recruited brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to rethink their television design: see Finally, a TV We’d Like to Look At. Now Samsung is improving the packaging for the Bouroullec’s Serif and its two other “Lifestyle” TVs. As a way to reduce its environmental footprint, the company has committed to using corrugated cardboard—and also to providing DIY ideas for upcycling the leftover boxes. In lieu of recycling, the cardboard can be turned into shelves, a magazine rack, even a cat house. Buyers get an ideas manual and the packaging itself comes imprinted with a series of dots that makes it easy to cut into the required shapes. Here’s a sampling. Above: Samsung’s Serif, and also The Frame...

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Just wing it

Pexels, If you are planning a Father’s Day feast, it’s hard to go wrong with baked or grilled chicken wings. June is the month when we enjoy our Father’s Day celebrations. We have plenty of time to think about what Dad or Grandad might enjoy, as June 21 is the big day. Lots of men would be happy to be presented with a platter of treats to eat while they watch TV, read or work on one of their favorite hobbies. Chicken wings come in very handy in that case, so I would like to share a few of my favorites with you. And since a lot of dads like to run the barbecue grill, even on their special...

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