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Single Bedroom Loft With Double-sided Living Wall Design

In visiting this one bedroom loft, located in the Jung-Wha-dong neighbourhood of the Jungnang-gu district, Seoul, we find a soothing living wall with a dual sided design. The unique modern interior is situated up on the top floor of a 30 year old industrial building, with an area of 80 square metres, which is split into two floors. The custom layout and bespoke furniture was designed by architects Arcave to suit the wishes of a professional female homeowner with a deep interest in well-being. It was the client who requested the creation of the double height, double sided green wall as the special revitalising centerpiece for her home. Although modest in size, the interior layout feels spacious thanks to a...

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From Wild Styles to Luxe Accents, Cool Furniture to Change Your Look

It’s that little something extra that’s hard to define — the characteristic that cool furniture has that other pieces don’t. It can be a novel material, an unusual shape or something really unexpected. Whatever it is, it takes only one piece of cool furniture to revive your space and give it a current look. All kinds of pieces can fit the bill so whatever the style of your home’s decor, there’s a piece that can add that special cool factor to the room. Check out these furnishings that we think are pretty cool: Knotted Like Macramé A little reminiscent of old-school macrame and yet akin to today’s arm-knitted works, these pieces by Kenneth Cobanpue of the Philippines, are like sitting...

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Teasing A New Look For Our Living Room

*This post was made possible by Article Now, I think I can guess what you’re thinking. “She’s redesigning her living room again?!” It probably does seem like I do this every three months, and even though I’m perfectly fine leaning on the excuse that it’s technically just another day at the office for me since it’s my job to talk about DIY home décor, the truth is that I’d be doing it just as often, whether it was for work or not. My mom can attest to the fact that, even as a kid, I was always changing things up in my room. We used to joke that my teenage bedroom ended up a couple of millimeters smaller thanks to...

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