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30 Of The Best Organizing Hacks From People Who Know What They’re Doing

If you’re like me, you spend half the day on a mission to find the second missing sock, torturing your family members with never-ending "have you seen" questions about this and that, trapping yourself in the eternal "lost and found" limbo. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way, so bear with us. Bored Panda has compiled a list full of practical and super simple ideas that will give your home (and soul) some much-needed order. From making an "eat me first" bin in your fridge to making a magnetic organizer for your makeup to mount on the wall, this is something you wanna take notes on and thank us later. At the end of the day,...

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~Slow Cooker Japanese Teriyaki-Style Chicken Wings~

When it comes to Buffalo-style wings, my mindset is, everybody into the pot.  Nothing beats the 14-minute deep-fry.  Sure, wings can be oven-roasted or grilled, but, it's my opinion those two methods compromise the end result -- the first doesn't render them crispy enough, the latter dries them out.  Oh gosh yes, for chicken-wing lovers who are fearful of frying, they are seemingly wonderful.  That said, nothing can compete with a deep-fried chicken wing straight out of the fryer basket -- crispy outer skin, fall-off-the-bone tender inner meat.  That's my opinion.  Period.   As odd as this is going to sound, the crockpot works great too.  Huh?  The crockpot?  Yep, crazily it does.  First, the wings slowly and gently cook...

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My 22 Goals for 2019

Goal #1 — Spend More Time Doing What I Love It was another great week here in New England. Miss Lucy got plenty of walks in {the woods, the beach and around town} and we are starting to feel a little more settled. I’d say about 80%-85% of the boxes have been unpacked and now it’s just a matter of tackling a long list of {pretty simple} projects to make this place feel like our own. Goal #2 — Garden, Garden, Garden Last week we dug a new flower border and planted 900 spring flower bulbs {400 tulip and 500 muscari} from Van Engelen Wholesale Bulb Company. This week the goal is to get the rest of the plants in...

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