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Skip the Pricey Bathroom Remodel and Make These Easy Upgrades Instead

Sometimes, numbers are numbers. Sure, you might be yearning to start completely fresh in your bathroom, but the reality is, a complete bathroom remodel is expensive—in fact, a whopping 64-percent of people underestimate how much it really costs. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with a space you’ve grown tired of. There are plenty of ways you can upgrade without shelling out a ton of cash. A bit of paint can go a long way, and if tile is your problem area, there are a few solutions that don’t require you to totally replace it. These easy ideas will turn your bathroom into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of—and you’ll have plenty of cash leftover to splurge on...

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These 9 Dutch Doors Are the Good Kind of Breakups

Design by Mindy Gayer Design Co. photography by kyle monk Hot take: The greatest gift to come out of the Netherlands in the past 400 years is the Dutch door. It was a simple idea at first. Chop a traditional three-hinged door in half to let some light and fresh air inside without completely opening everything up. Fast-forward a few centuries and anytime we see a house with the storybook feature, we get weak in the knees. The beauty of this two-for-one entrance lies in its versatility. You can close the top, unfasten the bottom, latch them together, add a windowpane, use the ledge as a perch—the list goes on. Cover it with some paint and suddenly it’s both ultra-functional...

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