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You can (and should) invest in great coffee beans, store them in an airtight container, and brew them with the best gear around

But pouring that elixir into anything less than the best coffee mug is a great way to waste all of that money and effort. Bad mugs don’t keep hot coffee hot or cold coffee cold, leaving you with lukewarm swill. Oh, and they leak. The only thing worse than drinking bad coffee is not even having bad coffee to drink because most of it ended up on your shirt. But deciding to ditch that free mug you got for donating to NPR ten years ago is the easy part. Finding a worthy replacement, with so many brands, features, and price points available, is difficult. We reached out to Bryan Duggan, Eastern Divisional Manager for Counter Culture Coffee and coffee-loving dad, for...

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Is your child ready to graduate from biking the neighborhood to hitting the trail on a kids mountain bike? Then you need to look for kids mountain bikes, and of course, explore the best beginner mountain bikes. 

Chances are there’s a good place to ride somewhere in your neck of the woods, but before your kids can experience nature on two wheels they’ll need a solid bike. Why? The key to getting your kid to love any activity is to make sure that they’re at least mildly successful when they first try it. For mountain biking, that means picking a trail with a low level of difficulty and equipping your little one with one of the best mountain bikes of kids, a ride that can easily handle beginner trails. See more: Best Kids Outdoor Toys  But shopping for a kids’ mountain bike can be tricky. Manufacturers often build kids’ bikes heavier because it’s cheaper and parents, cognizant...

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