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Best 25 Folding Drying Racks for 2021

  InstaHANGER Country Classic Closet Organizer, The Original Folding Drying Rack, Wall Mount - Made from strong, sturdy material this clothes holder holds up to 50 lbs of weight that’s because the mount is made from heavy-duty solid pine and the rod is made from durable chromed steel, allowing it to hold a considerable amount of weight. Easy to assemble the original instahanger comes with easy-to-follow instructions, including a full-size marking template to ease installation you’ll get 2 white hollow wall anchors for 1/2-inch drywall and 2 yellow masonry anchors for brick or concrete walls you’ll also receive 2 philips 2-inch wood screws that can be used with anchors or placed straight into wood walls. Air-dry your laundry air-drying your clothes...

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