The Best in Affordable Style from the Month that Was – September 2019

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A wise man once asked: “What the hell just happened?” And for good reason. There is value in looking back. It gives us all a good gauge as to what is good, and more importantly, what is not good, going forward. Sure, the “clip show” is mostly a cheap (affordable?) device to create new content out of already published stuff. But it’s also a good way to catch up in case you missed something. So cue the flashback music. Here’s the very best from the month that was…

Best Sale: Banana Republic 52% off (expired)

A stacking, 40% off then an additional 20% off made for a total of 52% off and just about everything seemed fair game. Hardly anyone (perhaps no one?) is doing more right, at affordable prices, than Banana Republic right now. So to get their fall collection at better than half off (the max out during their single use code friends and family events) was something else. The boots, the blazers, the jeans, the suede, the sneakers… you get the idea.

Second Best Sale: Allen Edmonds: Rediscover America Sale



Best Deal on a Splurge: Billy Reid Bond Peacoat – $525 ($695) exp.

It never goes on sale. Until it did. And to the sentient crouton on facebook who was decrying the fall of civilization (“the world has gone mad”) because people were spending half a grand on an 80% wool / 20% nylon (gasp! a blend!) peacoat… just because something has some synthetic woven into it, doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. Lots of mills do this for a bit of water resistance and a softer feel. Two things can be true here:
The Billy Reid coat is extraordinarily expensive, especially when compared to an all wool military issue peacoat, and many people will think it’s overpriced (facebook guy). Also true? The Billy Reid peacoat feels, looks, and fits for most like a luxury item. Because it is a luxury item, and the sale was why it was worthy of a steal alert.
Now, if someone takes to social media to loudly and proudly say the world has gone mad, and they just happen to be the only sane one left, then perhaps that’s a sign they’re not as right as they think they are. We’ve all seen this phenomenon, and unfortunately, social media platforms have encouraged this behavior (dopamine drip drip drip) because for them, it’s great business. For the rest of us, it’s a drag on resources.

UPDATE: It’s back to 25% off, but this time direct through Billy Reid. Discount happens at checkout. Big thanks to Chris V. for the tip!

Best Individual Item Deal: Nordstrom 1901 Barret Chukkas – $80 ($125)

They’re back?? They’re back!! Originally released in 2016, the 1901 (a Nordstrom house brand) Barrett Chukka has been fluctuating back and forth between in and out of stock at Nordstrom Rack over the last few months. And they came back just in time for fall. Full review here.

Best post for the bootylicious: Athletic Jeans for Men

“Slim fits, can you handle this?” If the resounding answer to that question is: NO THEY CANNOT AND IT’S CAUSING ME HEADACHES WHEN TRYING TO FIND JEANS THAT FIT, then perhaps this was the post for you last month.

Newest perpetually out of stock product: The Timex Q Reiusse

Remember when the Nike Killshot was always out of stock? This seems to be the new version of that. Asking price is $180 too, so, far from cheap. But you can get it for a little less at Todd Snyder… when it’s in stock. Which is, like, never.

Most Seasonally Appropriate Post: Fall Temptation

Boots and sweaters and coats and blazers and… you get the idea. Always fun to put that one together.

Goodest style Goodness: Amazon Goodthreads continues to be Good!

Amazon’s in-house fashion brands continue to plug along, putting out consistently solid, good looking but not risky, men’s style that gets to your place in 2 days thanks to Prime. The future is now.

Most Honest Post: Nothing about Watch Water Resistance makes sense

Dive watches = Things divers don’t actually wear (they wear modern dive computers). For those of us landlubbers who DO wear dive watches? We’re almost certainly misled on just what their water resistance rating means. But they look cool as hell. And can’t that be good enough?

Sexiest .gif: Pepe The King Prawn on a Rug

Don’t tell me the soft sensuality of Pepe wearing nothing but a chain doesn’t make you feel all atwitter. He’s a lothario that one. A real Casanova of a Crustacean.

Post most likely to cause you to look down at your pants: 20 signs your clothes are too tight.

Fashion is like the universe. Yes really. It expands, it contracts, and then it expands again. I’m not saying we’re due for extreme,”big bang” levels of expansion (see the 90s and early 2000s), but I think it’s time to give the shrink wrapped stuff a rest.

Biggest sign you’re an adult: Cool light fixtures excite you

I mean.



Most “far out… man…” post: Why we like to dress well

Maybe it’s not very romantic, but all roads seem to lead to either dopamine, serotonin, and/or oxytocin. And the bummer is we might all have a heck of a lot less free will than we think we do. Maybe.

Top Gun-iest Post: USA Made Flint & Tinder Flight Jacket

“Just a walk in the park, Kazansky.” Kudos to Ryan for this one.

Best post to read before you go streaking through the quad: College Style Upgrades

Frank the Tank doesn’t need this stupid style advice. FRANK THE TANK DOESN’T NEED CLOTHES.

Month that wasn’t forgettable but got forgotten anyway: August

Huh. Never did a Month that Was for August. Well. September was crazy busy. Doesn’t seem like anyone missed it.

Feeling Nostalgic? Here’s the archive containing previous editions of Best of the Month that Was.
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