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Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe for Men

While a bit confusing to many, the business casual dress code has clear benefits in terms of its inherent readiness for situations requiring various formalities. But what’s one clear way to eliminate much of the ambiguity surrounding this dress code? By incorporating another style paradigm: the capsule wardrobe! The Business Casual Dress Code Since the 1960s, more and more men have been interested in a more casual alternative to formal suits for everyday outfits. It all started in Hawaii with Aloha Friday, where people would wear Hawaiian shirts to the office. Later, it was adopted by many other men and it became Casual Friday, which was of course more office appropriate and led into the entire category of business casual....

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The Best in Affordable Style from the Month that Was – September 2019

Heads up: Buying via our links may result in us getting a commission. Here’s why. A wise man once asked: “What the hell just happened?” And for good reason. There is value in looking back. It gives us all a good gauge as to what is good, and more importantly, what is not good, going forward. Sure, the “clip show” is mostly a cheap (affordable?) device to create new content out of already published stuff. But it’s also a good way to catch up in case you missed something. So cue the flashback music. Here’s the very best from the month that was…   Best Sale: Banana Republic 52% off (expired) A stacking, 40% off then an additional 20% off made for a total...

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