Visiting the beach is a must in the summer, but it also means you’re going to be bringing back tons of sand

Here are a few things you can do to help keep sand from getting tracked in and around your RV.
Camping by the beach, never a bad idea. Photo by DillyLynn/WikipediaUse a brush to clean off
Pack a small brush to wipe off your clothes, shoes, and pets before stepping inside. Find one with soft bristles like this sand brush or a better quality (though pricier) horsehair brush with a sturdy wooden handle. Brush off all your items like your camping chair and beach bag before storing them away.
Rinse off your feet
If you wore flip-flops or went barefoot, you will want to thoroughly wash off your feet before stepping back in your RV. Use a portable showerhead or a water bottle to wash off your feet, hands, and gear.
Take your shoes off and leave them at the door
This may seem simple but it can make all the difference. Storing your shoes by the door will not only keep them from tracking in sand but also any dirt, mud, or leaves.

Find a place by the door where you can set up some hooks and mesh holders or somewhere that you can set up a small coat rack to hang your shoes. Shake them off well and wash them off if necessary before bringing them inside.
An easy way to hang your shoes. Photo via Wheeling ItStore clothes and towels in a separate laundry bag
Shake off your beach towels and store them in a separate laundry or trash bag before bringing them inside. Toss in any clothes you wore, your swimsuit, and anything else that needs to be washed.
Use a patio mat
Laying out a mat in front of your door is a good idea no matter where you’re camping to help keep dirt out. These RV patio mats are lightweight and can be conveniently washed off, folded up, and stored in a travel bag.
Keep a small broom and dustpan in your RV
No matter how hard you try, there will still be sand that somehow manages to get in on the floor. Keeping a compact broom and dustpan on board can be very handy for doing a quick sweep after coming back in from the beach.

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