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CATCH OF THE DAY: What’s been cooking @ LAND’S END

Hello Again Everyone!   HERE  As Promised,  is the kitchen at  LAND'S END I wish I could say that I'm finished with this room  but I'm not. I'm still fixing certain things I'm unhappy with- but I say this on every post don't I?  🤪 The main thing which has bugged me  right from the start, is  the Kitchen's countertop which I've already  remade  5 TIMES! The last 3 'Final' attempts were made  using a "self-stick' metallic contact paper,  which  😫 refuses to Stay Stuck! First it's Down  then it's Up! I've repeatedly wrestled with it,  trying to subdue it, but between me and the contact paper;   it's still a waiting game.    😳 Now back to the kitchen-⛵️ In the process of changing the...

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