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Crispy and crunchy bite-sized pieces of fried chicken which the whole family will love! Make this delicious Taiwanese-inspired Popcorn Chicken with step-by-step photos.

Popcorn Chicken Anyone who knows me will know that I LOVE fried chicken! Nothing makes me happier than to see fried chicken on a restaurant menu, but as we haven’t been to a restaurant in the longest time, homemade fried chicken is a real treat at the moment. The easiest fried chicken I know of making is this wonderfully delightful Taiwanese-style Popcorn Chicken. What is Popcorn Chicken? Popcorn Chicken is essentially little bite-sized pieces of fried chicken. They are perfect as they are, served simply with your favourite sauce for a snack or appetiser. In my home, Popcorn Chicken also forms the basis for many more delicious meals, including my Crispy Honey Chicken and Chinese Lemon Chicken. Why This Recipe...

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