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A hex bar is a hexagon-shaped barbell with weight sleeves on each side, also known as a trap bar

It allows the athlete to stand inside the hexagon to perform deadlifts, shrugs, and more. Some of the benefits of using a hex bar for deadlift training include better perfecting hip-hinging mechanics, less stress on the lower back, and a shorter range of motion due to elevated handles (a good tool for beginners). The most common variance between trap bar options is weight capacity, space within the hexagon, and the height of the handles. There are some unique designs on the market that offer more utility but involve some assembly. Let’s get in a proper stance and find the best trap bar for you. Best Trap Bars Best Trap Bar: Force USA Walkthrough Trap Bar Best Hex Trap Bar with...

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Many lifters dream of having a dedicated training space to call their own, set up to their exact specifications, and brimming with only the finest pieces of equipment

Well, owning your own home gym doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Sure, it’ll take some budgeting and planning, but like training itself, building a home gym is a lengthy endeavor that pays for itself over time. Owning a home gym is convenient, cost-effective in the long run, and more private. Better yet, if you train for a specific sport, you can outfit your home with only the equipment you need. Of course, you need to know where to start, which is why we’ve curated a list of home gym essentials to get you started.  Home Gym Essentials  Weight Rack Training Bench A Barbell Weight Plates Dumbbells Kettlebells Resistance Bands A Plyo Box Cardio Machines Weight Rack If you’re...

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