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Pumpkin meets my favorite Italian dessert in this Pumpkin Cannoli Dip

  —— Where to find the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia isn’t the only food topic which we locals have a strong opinion about (for the record, it’s Jim’s Steaks for me.) If you’re from South Philly or live near by and have any Italian blood in your family lineage, you probably have a preference on where to get cannoli – the fried dough pastry filled with sweetened ricotta. In our family, it’s Isgro Pastries (or Potito’s Bakery for a close second.) For our wedding reception, we had mini cannoli from Isgro’s brought in and I may or may not have gone on a “eat cannoli every single day” binge during our honeymoon in Sicily. True be told, my favorite part of the cannoli is the super...

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