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This surprisingly easy-to-make midwest pork tenderloin sandwich is succulent, tender and super crispy due to the buttermilk soak, breading and quick frying.

Jump to Recipe My partner AJ was born, raised and went to school in Indiana. And as such, he is QUITE particular about his fried pork tenderloin sandwiches. And though you can find the pork tenderloin sandwich in Iowa, southern Illinois and other parts of the Midwest, for me the sandwich is strictly an indigenous Hoosier dish. I’ve share various version of fried meat on this blog (my easy fried chicken, my Taiwanese popcorn chicken and my Japanese karaage) but I haven’t shared what my partner dubbed “the best pork tenderloin sandwich I’ve ever had.” High praise from AJ! What is a Pork tenderloin sandwich? Otherwise know by the old school set as a “pork fritter sandwich”, the breaded pork...

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Cauliflower schnitzel sandwiches are happening! 

Get ready. A super crunchy, crisp, flavorful bite is right here waiting for you! This is my trashed up attempt at an Octoberfest recipe. Instead of making any kind of meat schnitzel, we’re using a veggie. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. 2009 me is like who are you and how is this happening and how is this your life? Well it is and it’s good. You’re going to be into it! I promise. There are a couple steps here and the finished product is a flavorful sandwich stack that you won’t be able to stop thinking about.  First, we have to bread and crisp up our cauliflower. Easy! Slice it into big pieces, like this. In order to make...

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