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Hearty oatmeal muffins, bursting with sweet blueberries

You are going to be quite smitten with these gluten free vegan blueberry oatmeal muffins! Who doesn’t love a warm, fresh out of the oven, homemade muffin? I know I can’t resist them. That’s probably why they are one of the things I bake most often in my kitchen. All year round. Muffins, muffins, lots of muffins.  If you’ve scrolled through the recipes on my blog, you know I already have quite a few muffin recipes. Muffins are my jam. I don’t think you can ever have too many muffin recipes, just like you can’t have too many cupcake or cookie recipes either.  I have to say, blueberry muffins are the most requested muffins in my house. Well, except during...

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I woke up yesterday with a little more lightness in my heart than had been there earlier this week. And when I’m feeling lighthearted, my first instinct is to bake. There are so many things I might have posted on this Easter Sunday. Hot cross buns, which I’ve been wanting to make (and make well—my last batch was a total fail) for a while. Pie. A brunch dish, like French toast. Chocolate eggs. Any number of different cakes. But all I’ve been able to think about is carrot cake. Maybe not surprising, since carrot cake is my favorite cake. And since cake is my favorite dessert, that puts carrot cake at the top of my treats hierarchy. This isn’t my...

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