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Blueberry Bourbon Smoked Baby Back Ribs have incredible rich and savory flavors. This is a fun take on a smoked baby back rib recipe to try if you want to change up from traditional BBQ flavors.

[feast_advanced_jump_to] Blueberry season in the Pacific Northwest runs from late spring to mid-summer. I friggin love blueberries, especially since they are all around us. To me, they’re the perfect berry – not too sweet, not too messy, they hold up well, and they freeze like a champ. Plus my kids look forward to berry picking all year. Granted this is likely because they eat more berries off the bushes than we actually collect and take home (shhh don’t tell this to our favorite farm we go to). But berries are also something that can be added to any number of recipes, like this barbecue sauce. Sauce Ingredients The idea for this blueberry barbecue sauce is to add rich blueberry flavors...

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Making Smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb is as easy as seasoning the lamb and smoking to the right internal temperature

And with good quality lamb you’ll find the flavor amazing and tender. [feast_advanced_jump_to] Many of us grew up with some preconceived notions of lamb meat. If you were anything like us, your experience with lamb likely involved some kind of strongly flavored mint sauce to drown the meat in. And that lamb may likely have tasted very gamey and was probably overcooked (which is why it may have benefited from the mint sauce, to mask the flavor). What we have learned is that good lamb is actually quite tender and delicious and rarely has the gamy flavor that we grew up with. Perhaps it’s time to give lamb a second chance! What is Lamb If you seek out lamb in...

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An easy and elegant recipe for Smoked Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms cooked on your smoker (or oven)

Smoked sausage is the secret to the BEST stuffed mushrooms ever! These make a great holiday appetizer or for a family gathering!  What could be better than delicious bite sized stuffed mushrooms filled with savory goodness? The answer is smoked sausage in that filling! Add smoked sausage to an already flavorful filling of shallots, garlic, crème fraîche, parmesan cheese (and more), and then smoke the stuffed mushrooms to create the ultimate stuffed mushroom. Smoking bulk sausage (sausage not in casings) is an easy way to get incredible smoked flavor into a number of meals. A few of my favorites include, smoked sausage and lentil soup, the smoked sausage and hatch chili beer cheese dip(!!!), and smoked sausage lasagna. It’s a...

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