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These orange ginger chicken thighs are an easy meal made by marinating chicken in a mixture of ginger, oranges, and soy sauce, then roasting to crispy-skinned perfection.

Adapted from Christopher Kimball | Milk Street: Cookish | Voracious, 2020 This is not the orange ginger chicken that’s an Americanized riff on Chinese food that comes in a white box with rice on the side. This is a surprisingly simple marinade that lets you toss an orange and some ginger root in a blender–peel and all–along with a little soy sauce and ginger. So unexpectedly easy. So impressively good.–Renee Schettler Orange Ginger Chicken Quick Glance Quick Glance 20 M 2 H, 10 M Serves 4 to 6 Print Recipe Want it? Click it. IngredientsUSMetric Email Grocery List Ingredients sent! Send Grocery List Email the grocery list for this recipe to: Send Is required Sign me up for your daily...

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The classic patty melt on rye or white bread is unbelievably satiating and surprisingly easy and quick to slap one together at home, sorta like the most indulgent cheeseburger ever

Here’s how to make it. Adapted from George Motz | The Great American Burger Book | Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2016 “The traditional patty melt is a beautiful thing,” says author George Motz. We aren’t about to disagree. It’s essentially a melding of hamburger and grilled cheese sandwich with some sautéed onions tossed in for good measure. The classic patty melt calls for seeded rye bread, but a crusty white country bread works as well without interrupting the beefy-cheesy profile. As Motz says, “When prepared just right, the crunchy, buttery toast adds a velvety element to the hot mess of cheese, beef, and onion. It’s a tactile gustatory sensation that you cannot achieve with a burger bun.” Preach it.–Renee Schettler...

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